It has come to my attention that my sparkly-new website has a domain name that isn't exactly original. "Some Dude Named Greg" has been used in several contexts over the years, none of which have anything to do with me.

So for the record, I have absolutely nothing to do with...

  • Some Dude Named Greg on Amazon Music, iTunes, or any other platform where the song "I Just Can't Go With a Bald-Headed Hoe" is hosted. Not me.
  • Some Dude Named Greg on Youtube. Dude has a lady and a couple of kids. Wonderful, but not me.
  • A publication named "The Beaverton" has an article entitled, "Experts confirm that global supply chain is now just one dude name Greg doing his best." Although I have felt a bit fatigued lately, it's not because I'm secretly keeping the world supplied with the various and sundry items one needs to survive these days. Not me.
  • Some Dude Named Greg makes memes on Instagram, but I don't use social media, so not me.
  • There was a post on Reddit (now since deleted) that alerted the world to the fact that someone had purchased a microwave off of some dude named Greg, and now the microwave is named Greg. Cool, but I'm neither a microwave, or an applicance salesman, so not me.

Pretty much the only place you can find me other than this site is commenting on the sites of others. So if you run across some dude named Greg punting babies, or something, don't take it up with me.

Page statistics of no interest to anyone, including myself

  • Favorite word to type: sparkly-new
  • Best sentence (fragment): "So if you run across some dude named Greg punting babies..."
  • Number of farming implements referenced: 1
  • Hehehe: Beaverton